Bob Burton Foundation
Est. 2016
. 501(c)(3)


Bikes Up/Guns Down

Motivational Speaking Program

The purpose of the Bikes Up Guns Down program is to create opportunities for young people to engage in constructive, self-development activities as an alternative to violence and unproductive lifestyles.

In the year-long Bikes Up Guns Down program, participants will learn how to not only ride off road vehicles, but also how to fix them through a 16-week maintenance course and a 12 week
riding course. These courses are taught by Founder Johnnie Burton and Vice President Dwayne Burton, who are both licensed technicians. Participants will also become educated on traffic laws.

In addition, as part of the giving back initiative, participants must also complete 100 community service hours and the motivational speaking, job readiness, and health and wellness programs.
The purpose of the motivational speaking program is to excite, influence and inspire young people to share their stories of success.

In this program, participants will give s 15-30- minute speech on their personal and professional life experiences, rather past, present, or future. The participants are also required to inform diverse audiences on all of the classes that the Bob Burton Foundation have to offer and how
participation in them has helped them live a more successful life. This program is taught by Director of Outreach James Patton.

Job Readiness Program

Health and Wellness

The purpose of the Health and Wellness program is to promote a healthy lifestyle that enhances the overall quality of life. In this program, participants will learn about injury prevention, nutrition for optimal health and
how to successfully maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.
The purpose of the Job Readiness program is to prepare participants to get, keep, and excel at a new job. We teach the skills needed to effectively communicate, to effectively fill out job applications, and to develop a resume and interview skills.